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London Taxi Knowledge Quiz – London Squares

London Taxi Knowledge Schools

There are dozens of squares from well known and historic ones to new developments. As a London Taxi driver you will be expected to know where these are and get your fare to them in the shorest and quickest way. Test your knowledge and see if you have what it takes to become a London Taxi Driver.

Question 1 - Where is Patriot Square?

Question 2 - Where is Red Square?

Question 3 - Where is Northampton Square?

Question 4 - Where is Chelsea Square?

Question 5 - Where is Orange Square?

Question 6 - Where is Warwick Square?

Question 7 - Where is Triton Square?

Question 8 - Where is Vulcan Square?

Question 9 - Where is Nightingale Square?

Question 10 - Where is Guinness Square?

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